Welcome to GribTown.

Since the beginning, we’ve been working in collaboration with designers, teachers, students, children, and more – a community of people who are just as excited as we are about bringing Grib to everybody’s toolkit.

for better design.

We’ve organized public gatherings and co-creation workshops in which we discussed various challenges and ideated on ways to tackle them. We then proceeded to prototype and test these ideas. We strongly believe that sharing, learning, and exploring are essential to solving complex challenges.

If you’re interested in 3D modeling, Augmented Reality, and the potential benefits of both, join our community to make the world of 3D design easier, more intuitive, and more fun.

Join our events.
Help design Grib.

What about the teachers and design museum we had???  

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GribTown™ Kids: designers in Helsinki gather to design for kids

July 2017

The first session of GribTown™ Kids series of design workshops in Helsinki was organized in collaboration with Uxify Helsinki on July 4th at Microsoft Flux. In that session, the community opened up several scenarios…

GribTown™ Helsinki: designers messing around with 3D modeling and Augmented Reality

November 2016

The UX community in Helsinki invited designers to GribTown. UXify Helsinki organized the first GribTown™ at Microsoft Flux, which was a successful experiment. During the workshop designers and design enthusiasts explored…